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Some of our favourite Cornish food producers

We produce a lot of food in Cornwall. We’re known for our fish, vegetables, meat and dairy, which are eaten all over the country. Then of course, there’s all the must-eat Cornish foods: it wouldn’t be a holiday here without a pasty, a cream tea, and fish and chips by the sea!

Going to the theatre in St Ives and West Cornwall

West Cornwall has a reputation for being really artistic – and this extends to the performing arts. There are so many great theatres and companies around here that there’s bound to be a show that catches your eye during your stay. From talented kids to vertiginous cliffs, here’s our guide to a great night out at the theatre in Cornwall.

Cornish attractions close to Polmanter

One of the many wonderful things about West Cornwall is the amount of quality attractions packed into a small area. When we started to gather suggestions for this guide, we found it really tricky to pin it down to a few places!